History of Orgonite


A short history of Wilhelm Reich

Orgone is the name given by Dr Wilhelm Reich - who spent the latter part of his life researching this phenomenon - to the all-pervading omnipresent Life Energy.

dr wilhelm reich

Wilhelm Reich, who had started in Austria and Germany as a medical doctor and psychiatrist closely associated with Sigmund Freud, has contributed greatly to the understanding of the link between human sexuality and psychology and never ceased to open up new frontiers of knowledge and understanding during his life.

Reich was not the first or the last one to observe the working of what he observed to be "living energy" or "anti-entropic force". Before the victory of the mechanistic worldview a few hundred years ago the concept of a "sea of energy" out of which all material forms manifest was universally known. This can easily be shown in the Hindu (prana), Buddhist and Taoist (Chi, Ki as in Rei-Ki) traditions of the Far East, but continues down to the Greeks (ether) and Romans etc. The same concept is intuitively or explicitly known to all traditional healers of shamanic traditions over the world. 

Quantum physics in its drive to mechanistically dissect matter ever further in order to finally arrive at the ultimate elementary particle has finally reached a point where it is forced to question its own paradigm.

Quantum physicists now question the stability of matter itself and seem to arrive at a concept where elementary particles are seen as mere perturbations "on the surface of an endless sea of energy" which some scientists have agreed to call "Zero point energy" or “Torsion Fields”. Don't you all hear a few wise Yogis laugh through the millennia over so much foolishness and a late dawning of truth? They knew it all along!

An in-depth biography of this eminent scientist can be found HERE

Is Orgone Always Good?

The way Reich observed it, orgone is omnipresent and the basis of all life processes. He observed the same principle in the forming of galaxies etc. as on a cellular or macro-biological level. 
His earlier research into psychological disorders had shown him, that when this energy is blocked by traumatic memories, manifesting in constant muscular tension (he called that armouring) this energy becomes Deadly Orgone or DOR. (the resulting character of an extremely armoured person he befittingly called "pestilential")

Wilhelm Reich, who also deserves credit for inventing the first cloud-buster, did demonstrate the working of DOR in the forming of deserts and developed a method to disperse DOR concentrations by grounding them into sufficiently large water bodies.

Whenever the atmosphere feels stale, oppressive or dead and when you observe a particular blackness in cloud formation you are in fact experiencing a high and unhealthy DOR concentration. Reich successfully experimented with orgone accumulators to cure cancer patients, as he observed cancer to be a biopathy resulting from the blocked life energy in a highly DOR infested body. He observed that the accumulation of orgone was stimulated by a layered combination of organic and metallic material. Reich used some kind of then common chipboard and sheet metal to build man-sized boxes into which the patient would go.

Orgone generatorsOrgone Generators

Don Croft, among many other inspirational deeds, can take credit for having made the step from ORGONE ACCUMULATOR TO ORGONE GENERATOR. He observed that a matrix of metallic particles suspended in organic material did the same as Reich's layers of metal and wooden board.

The addition of quartz crystals allowed the energy thus created to be projected in a much wider field. The decisive innovation was that these devices were shown to create positive, life affirming ORGONE even in the presence of strong sources of DOR output. They even showed the exciting property of feeding on negative energy and converting it into positive Orgone or POR