Crystal Healing


Crystals have a consciousness and a deep desire to be of service to humans


Crystals are powerful and intelligent beings. Working with their energies we approach the areas of focus you want to work on, with the reverence that the crystals know what needs to be done.

The Crystal Healing uses the power of crystals that date from an ancient civilization called the Mu. This system of healing taps into additional principles that crystals carry beyond their known properties.

Depending on your needs, your session will assist healing in a number of different areas, including:

  • The mind
  • Emotions
  • Physical body
  • Relationship with time
  • Libido
  • Internal physical problems
  • Empowerment etc.

A short consultation is made and then we lay crystals and activate them on the Client who lies fully clothed on our comfortable healing bed.

This is a profound healing and afterwards you will feel refreshed and joyful!

This is a simple, gentle and non-invasive but very refreshing treatment.


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Q: Why and how does a Crystal Healing work?

The crystal healing works by using the crystals with their already amazing healing properties, and an ancient crystal activation rite that amplifies them, creating a double whammy of healing powers. The activation rite has been handed down through thousands of years from the ancient race Mu. They were specialized in healing with crystals and having more knowledge about crystals than we do today.

Crystals vibrate at different but very high frequencies, and so does our chakras. By placing activated crystals on specific chakras across our bodies and linking them, causes powerful healing to occur through the chakras to specific physical and energetic body parts governed by that chakra. This healing also balances the chakra to ensure that it is not in an over-active or under-active (unbalanced) state.

Q: How does a typical session start?

We start off with a casual chat and consultation to find out which areas of healing you require and what would most benefit you at the time of healing.  After that, you, the client, will lie down, fully clothed on our nice and comfy healing bed and just relax.

The healer then activates the crystals and place them on the specific chakras associated with the chosen healings. 
Once this is completed the client can just enjoy the wonderful soothing energies released by the crystals and drift away for an hour. 

Q: What Crystals do you use?

We use a range of different crystals depending on the type of healing performed. For example The mind, emotions, physical body etc.
We use a variety of clear, pink, green, purple and red crystals.

Q: What should I do before my session?

We don’t require our clients to make any dietary or lifestyle changes before the Crystal Healing. We simply ask that you come as you are, and be open, ready to receive and ready for a super relaxing session.

Q: What will I experience during the healing?

There is the possibility to feel sensations and it can range from subtle to extremely apparent, but it depends from person to person. Some clients have noted experiencing sensations in both their physical and energetic bodies, where others just felt very relaxed and peaceful. Anything is possible, even visions or vivid dreams.

Q: What can I expect after the session?

Many things can happen after a Crystal Healing session. You may experience a sense of peace and relaxation, or renewed sense of clarity. You may also notice uncomfortable symptoms have vanished.

Don’t worry if you can’t quite put the sensation into words. Because the spirit and crystals are chiefly involved in the healing, you may be unable to define what you feel in spoken terms.

Q: How many sessions do I need?

This depends from person to person. It is recommended to come for at least 2 sessions and monitor the results to decide if you require more sessions to achieve your desired outcome.

Some clients schedule regular sessions to enjoy the wonderful benefits received form this Crystal Healing.

Q: Can children come for a Crystal healing as well?

YES! Children can benefit just as much from this healing as an adult.