Crystal Rites


Crystals are powerful and intelligent beings with the reverence of knowing what is best for you


The Crystal Healing Rites session is truly unique! Using an ancient mantra to awaken the healing power of the crystals, the chants penetrate deep into your subconscious to bring about the healing of new wounds, the healing of old wounds or to bring in good fortune!

This session is particularly recommended for those who are dealing with challenges that have not responded well to other kinds of treatment and require a very unique approach.

This is a simple, gentle and non-invasive but very refreshing treatment.






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Q: How will a Crystal Rites Healing benefit my life?

This will depend on which Crystal Rite Healing you pick. There is 3 options: Old Wounds, New Wound, Good Fortune.

  • Old Wounds: Old emotional and mental traumas (older than a month). The Old Wounds Healing penetrates your subconscious to assist in healing and releasing these old and unwanted energies from your psyche. These wounds can include: depression, trust issues, any sort of emotional or mental trauma etc.
  • New Wounds: New emotional and mental traumas (No older than 1 month). The New Wounds Healing penetrates your subconscious to assist in healing and releasing these new and unwanted energies from your psyche. These wounds can include: Recent break up, recent emotional and mental traumas etc.
  • Good Fortune: The Good Fortune Healing penetrates your subconscious to assist you in manifesting good fortune for you and events related to you.

Q: What crystals do you use?

We use twin clear quartz crystals from the same stem growth (1 x Male and 1 x Female).

Q: What should I do before my session?

We do not require our clients to make any dietary or lifestyle changes before the Crystal Rites Healing. We simply ask that you come as you are, and be open and ready to receive.

Q: Can I get all 3 healings in one session?

Due to the energy released with this Crystal Healing Rites, it is recommended to not receive more than 2 of these healings during a session on the same day.

Q: Do I need to prepare myself? How can I get the most out of this healing session?

When you say “Yes” to a healing, it is important to have a clear intention of what you desire to change. For instance, if you pick the Old Wounds Healing, your intention needs to be aligned with letting go and releasing those energies and blockages.

Q: What happens during a Crystal Rite / Chanting Session?

The sessions start off with a casual chat and consultation. After that we start the Crystal Rite / Chanting. There is no need for the client to do anything, just relax, keep your mind clear and enjoy the session. 

Q: Will I feel a change right away or during the healing?

You might or might not. It depends from person to person. You can feel sensations and it can range from subtle to extremely apparent. During your healing I will simply ask you to be in a relaxed, quiet state, open to receiving. Some clients have noted experiencing sensations in their energetic bodies during and after the healing, where others did not experience these but did notice changes after the healing.

Q: What can I expect after the session?

Many things can happen after a Crystal Rite Session. You may experience a sense of peace and relaxation, or renewed sense of clarity. You may also notice that some emotional and mental blockages have vanished.

The changes may be subtle, or it may be more of an “Ah-ha!” experience, but don’t worry if you can’t quite put the sensation into words. Because the spirit is chiefly involved in a healing, you may be unable to define what you feel in spoken terms.

Q: Can children come for the Crystal Rites as well?

Yes! Children are more than welcome to come for the Chrystal Rites Healing, anyone can benefit from this Crystal Rites.