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Step into your power and give yourself the gift of life!


Life is all about energy… getting anything done requires energy to make things happen. What if there is a source of energy untapped that lies within you? The mystics referred to this as your original divine blueprint; today we refer to this as our DNA.

DNA holds the essential blueprint for all biological life. It is unique and very personal, for it contains the encoded information for both your physical and spiritual lineages, as well as the master plan for your life purpose and divine potential. It is who you are and literally holds the script to your life!

The Life Activation plugs you back into 90% of your original Divine Blueprint and activates the dormant blueprint (DNA). This removes old patterns and debris that have been inherited from your ancestors, hindering your life.

We are living in a very exciting period of human development; the Frequency of the Earth is changing and in doing so has left us all feeling out of tune.
A simple metaphor to explain: You are listening to an FM stereo radio station that is slightly out of tune, out of the left speaker you hear the vocals, cymbals and solo guitar , the right speaker has white noise and the echo of another station. Confusing ? Now add the video of a random newscast.
The Life Activation resets your tuning, faster or slower, to the current frequency so you can function and prosper instead of being confusion and depressed. The two most obvious results will be: Clarity of your life’s purpose and a reduced tolerance for nonsense aka ” Bull “.

This time-tested method has inspired people to reduce stress, move past barriers, and over time achieve breakthroughs in their daily lives. It infuses your body with pure Light, making its way through blocks, issues, and weaknesses that we may not even be aware of. It’s the first step to becoming who we truly are.

The Life Activation can be described as a light shining into the basement of the subconscious mind. It makes visible what was hidden in the shadows; but more than that, it gives you the ability to work through what you see. It is really an empowering experience that has helped transform the lives of thousands of people just like you! This method of healing is one of the foundations of human progress and growth.

What can the Life Activation do for you?

Improve Your Health
The Life Activation is a powerful way to increase your health. It strengthens your immune system and helps you push through not only emotional and mental blocks, but physical ones as well.
Accelerate Your Life
Speed through your progress in life with amazing speed. The Life Activation is proven to assist in growth and learning, and helps to point you in which direction to go on that roadmap of life that we all have inside of us.
Break Through Personal Blocks
Imagine a wrecking ball tearing through all the issues and problems you never thought would go away.
Strengthen Your Relationships
We all interact with untold numbers of people throughout our lives. With so many people coming into your life, how do you know who is safe or healthy for you? The Life Activation helps you connect to others in a positive and beneficial way.
Experience True Abundance
All the resources we could ever want or need are available to use right here, right now! The Life Activation helps you to access that flow of abundance and provide for yourself everything you need in life and more.
Expand Your Ability To Shine
The Life Activation literally infuses your body with pure Light! Having this most precious resource inside of you allows you to spread hope, joy, peace and love to everyone you interact with. This “light work” in its most basic and subtle form truly inspires you to go further and reach as high as you can.


See the Proof
Take a look at the picture below. Using a specialized camera that captures the image of the chakras and aura you can clearly see the effect of the Life Activation before and after the modality was done. Notice how lit up the person became after the Life Activation.














The benefits from this powerful and truly transformative healing modality are countless. Some of the great benefits (but not all of them) include:

  • Relief from anxiety and stress
  • Becoming physically infused with Light
  • Allowing you to see more clearly who you are and where you can go
  • Greater physical energy and mental acuity
  • Increased emotional stability
  • Strengthened immune system and response
  • Assistance in breaking of old unhealthy habits (like smoking, etc.)
  • Increased brain function and thought clarity
  • Assistance in increasing personal abundance
  • Assistance in creating positive relationships

A full Life Activation session consists of the following parts:

  • Energy balancing
  • DNA Activation
  • Reading based on what was found during the energy balancing and DNA activation

An Energy Balancing session includes the following:

  • Removal of a crown chakra cap (if any):
    A Crown Cap forms over the crown chakra at the top of the head and this blocks access to the Light. Once removed you may feel lighter with more clarity, possibly reduce headaches and increases the flow of light from the universe into your crown chakra without any blockages.
  • Clearing of the central core through toning a sacred name of God
  • Central Core Balancing:
    The Central Core balancing resets your energetic flow in life back into a clockwise rotation instead of being in an anti-clockwise rotation. This causes you to be more in flow with the universe and natural law.
  • The 16 Petal Lotus Balancing:
    The 16 Petal Lotus Balancing is a spiral of energy surrounding the body that looks like a lotus flower when seen from above. It is through these “gates” that the four elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire are accessed for the manifestation of creative energy into the physical world.
    By working with these “gates” or “petals” the specific energies and correspondences of the Elements within the body can be balanced and opened, resulting in increased flow, access and alignment.
    This is an alchemical process directly aimed at raising your vibrations for the purpose of spiritual and physical transformation.
  • Auric, Magnetic and Chakra Balancing:
    Stress, trauma, tobacco, alcohol, caffeine and drugs damage the chakras as well as the auric and magnetic layers. Left alone, it may take as long as ten years for these to rejuvenate.
    Balancing all these layers stops unnecessary energy leakage and frees up this energy for your own use once again.
  • Negative Crystal Removal:
    Negative Crystals are energetic structures that no longer conduct a charge, similar to a burnt out light bulb. Removal allows them to grow back fully charged making more energy available to you.
  • DNA reading:
    A short reading of your DNA, giving you clues to your next steps in fulfilling your life’s purpose.


History & context:

Your DNA contains the blueprint for who you are as a Divine Being. It is God-given, holy, sacred, and defines the uniqueness of you.

Initially, the Life/DNA Activation was used as a rite of passage in the ancient mystery school traditions to activate high priests and priestesses, prophets, and oracles. The activation protocol has been handed down from the time of King Solomon to trained initiates and is now being offered to bring humanity into full empowerment.

You are now moving beyond the type of body for which the human being was originally designed. You are moving out of the mere human experience and into a different level of being. The Life Activation will in time give you access to the secrets and mysteries of who you are and what your purpose is.

This is a 2 hour session that includes an alchemical water based formula (called Purificato & Crystalis) to assist the body to assimilate this extra light and yield faster results.


Purificato & Crystalis:

This incredible product is one that ancient alchemists sought and in some cases, claimed to have found! It appears, historically, though that the timing for the elixir to be presented to the people was not right. We do not know if they ever truly came across it based on the fruits or results of those products. This would seem to indicate that true elixir was not found.

The elixir that was sought was a celestial creation intended to heal all sickness and assist in every way to better health. It would also help one find a more spiritual path towards enlightenment. This was to be a Unity Drink between humans and God. In a sense, a religious drink, but much more than that. This was to be a drink that was also good for your health as well as overall body functions. The Alchemists sought this elixir for the benefit of all. They hoped to bring the earth back into a state of balance and harmony between humans and nature.

The Alchemists of the Modern Mystery School have created this Elixir in two versions! The first is Purificato and the second is Crystalis.

These homeopathic liquids are to be taken as a supplement. We make no claims for this product but we see the results in those who take it.



This formula operates at a cellular level. It works directly with the cellular debris that is left as a result of exposure to environmental toxins, viral and bacterial exposure as well as fungal overgrowth.

This elixir is prepared homoeopathically as a vibrational remedy and as such will not interfere with foods or medication.

On an energetic level, we require debris to be eliminated from our auric field as it hinders the assimilation of light.
The trans-mutational effects of this are seen as your gifts of empowerment emerge.

This form of elixir works best when the body is in motion or in a wakened state as this helps release the debris to be neutralized.

It is suggested to take 7 drops under the tongue every morning.



This formula cleans out genetic debris and intentionally releases genetic damage from the point of conception. This assists you in maintaining focus on your spiritual life. Crystalis clears away the last, dense, physical structures that hinder full spiritual awareness.

This formula works best while you are relaxing or asleep. During this time it allows the releasing of genetic codes so that they may be cleared up and also releases your divinity codes.

This may be experienced in your dream state as a remembrance of your existence in spiritual form.

It is suggested to take 7 drops under the tongue every evening.

Using both of these elixirs allows you to experience full contact with the power of the aura and soul. When a person feels that change energetically, the body soon responds by being in better physical (cellular) shape as well as sensing higher power flowing through you. Your body and mind begin to feel balanced, increasing the emotional states of love, joy, acceptance and happiness thus allowing you to experience success more fully in all areas of your life.

This is a once off session but Top-up sessions are optional and recommended to accelerate your progression. This could be done every 3-6 months.



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Q: Just what is the LIFE Activation?

The Life Activation is an activation of Spiritual Empowerment. It activates the master plan for your life purpose and divine potential.

Q: Why would someone get a Life Activation?

It is a significant tool for spiritual empowerment, it enhances our ability to become who we came here to be – successfully complete our contracts and life work. It aligns us with living our truth.

Q: Why would I need the Life Activation?

Activating 90% of the DNA gives you access to the secrets and mysteries of you, yielding answers to those questions we all ask:  Who am l? – Where did I come from? – Why am I here? – Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing with my life?  It presents a great opportunity to clean up the family gene pool, to stop the old limiting genetic patterns and programming from continuing to manifest in those that come after you!


Q: What changes have people noticed since having their DNA activated?

  • A greater sense of well-being and more certainty about connecting to Spirit
  • Integration of more brain capacity and efficiency
  • More directed, grounded, and on purpose than ever before
  • Strong motivation to achieve goals and dreams
  • It is more natural to make healthy choices
  • Enhanced immune system
  • More energy and greater clarity of intuition

Q: Can my ancestors and descendants be affected by the Life Activation and how?

The activation is communicated through the genetic pathways that are shared (in common) with your ancestors and descendants. The information for reprogramming the genetic coding is transmitted through the unified field that connects all beings through time and space. This field has been referred to by many different names, including “The Web of Life”, “The Mind of God”, “The Bio-field”, “The Collective Consciousness” and many more.
 The Life Activation affects 7 generations before you as well as 7 generations after you, whether they are still with us or if they have already passed over.

Q: How does the Life Activation increase your brain capacity?

Science tells us that we currently use only 3% of our DNA and, correspondingly, only 5-10% of our brain capacity. By activating the DNA, more of our full potential comes online, both in your genetic consciousness and in your mental capacity.

Q: How does the Life Activation build the immune system?

  • The activation may have the effect of causing the removal of toxins in the body. This enables the body to be healthier and also causes a strengthening of the immune system
  • Release emotional patterns that no longer serve you and are compromising your life-force vitality
  • When filling your body with light through the Life Activation, it raises your vibratory frequency to increase your connection to God. The higher the vibration the more light you can hold in your physical body. The more light you can hold in your body, the stronger your immune system and the higher your level of vitality

Q: Can anyone receive the Life Activation?

Yes. This activation can be performed on anyone who requests it, including small children. In fact, we often find that the Indigos (6th Root Race) are greatly benefited by this activation / increase in light and it helps them find balance and purpose.

Q: Are there other people activating the DNA? How is yours different?

There are other people working with the DNA and all light work is of great benefit. Other DNA work does not necessarily open the etheric spine, unlike the DNA activation we do.

The DNA is activated with Light coming in directly from the Hierarchy of Light. The other DNA Activations are valid healing techniques and these systems work well together. They offer vast opportunity for change, healing and letting go of mental, emotional, and belief systems.

The Life Activation process is very sacred and as a result of the activation, it lights up and activates the person’s full potential. With this much light in their physical body, people can create change for themselves beyond their imagination.

The Life Activation is about spiritual empowerment. This activation has been used for thousands of years and comes from King Solomon. Each practitioner receives a week of specialized training to do the etheric surgery that activates the DNA.

Q: How can a Life Activation in this day and time be connected to King Solomon?

King Solomon was searching for a way to access the original divine blueprint for healing and empowerment. He gathered one shaman or master from every tradition to put together this system. What resulted was a series of eight modalities, one of which is the Life Activation. This activation of empowerment has been handed down through the oral tradition within the Mystery Schools and has been used for thousands of years by the initiates of these schools. It is through this lineage that the Life Activation has come to us today.

Q: Is it dangerous physically, mentally, or spiritually to have this work done? Can it negatively affect the DNA?

No, this process will only empower you, it will never dis-empower you. It is not dangerous and cannot negatively affect the DNA.

Q: How long does it take to see the effects of an activation and what kind of effects are seen in people within the first month, three months, 9 months?

It varies from person to person and really depends on each individual. Some experience major changes right away and for others, it’s very subtle. A tendency that we have noticed is that if you have done a lot of inner work, it may seem more subtle. And if you are really sensitive and intuitive, you may experience stronger sensations. Although these are just tendencies because it really depends on the person.

Life Activation takes time. For the cells in the physical body to reproduce themselves completely, it takes seven years. It is like putting a light in the top of the Empire State Building – it takes time for it to filter down so that each window is fully lit up.

As far as what we see in people, there is one common denominator, and that is Spiritual Empowerment. In other words, the things, people, and situations in their life that no longer supports their life work and purpose start falling away and circumstances, people, and skills in alignment with their life work and purpose start coming forward. They become aligned with living their truth.

Q: Do some people find that they do not get any benefits from this activation and why do you think this is so?

Some of the changes can be very subtle. Everyone starts from their own unique place. Also, many of us are involved with many different modalities, and so it can be really challenging to determine what we received from each modality.

Clients say they notice changes for the better. Many are very enthusiastic and notice it in leaps and bounds. I believe it varies from person to person. If you have done a lot of work on yourself, then it is less noticeable. If you are sensitive and intuitive it can be very noticeable. I think it depends on the person’s awareness and their particular process.

Q: Can someone experience healing as a result of the Life Activation?

A side effect of the Life Activation is that often the body heals itself as a result of the way it uses the light that was put into the receptors of the DNA

Q: How do I get 100% of my DNA activated?

By participating in a two-day class called the Galactic Activation. This class is only hosted overseas at this time.

Q: Where does this activation technique come from?

The Life Activation is a tool, which originally had been used to empower the High Priests, Priestesses, Oracles and Exalted Healers of Ancient Egypt. It was the sacred Right of Ascension given to these powerful and highly respected members of the community. The first recorded use of the Activation was Joseph as he was initiated into a leadership role in Egypt.

Q: Why can’t I activate my DNA myself?

Many technologies are now available that will activate the DNA up to a certain point. Activating 90% of your DNA requires the service of one who is so trained and initiated at the physical level that is someone who has received the authorization from the spiritual realms through a physical lineage.

Q: How will the Life Activation process benefit me?

Enables you to move into your Highest Potential and Greatest Empowerment;

  • Empowers you to maximize your potential to bring forth unrealized talents and abilities;
  • Gives you more Energy, Clarity and Focus;
  • Strengthens your immune system;
  • Assists in releasing of unconscious patterns;
  • Increases your ability to use more of your brain;
  • Facilitates the clearing of family and genetic karmic patterns;
  • Enables you to bring in and hold more Light (Energy/Chi/Prana/Ki) in your physical body

Q: Is there anything I need to do before you do the Life Activation?

No alcohol is to be consumed on the day before the healing and the day of the healing. No experience with prior healing sessions is required. Just come with an open mind and heart!

Q: What can I expect during the detox process after the Life Activation?

Be aware that some minor side effects can surface.  Generally, these include temporary emotional highs/lows and physical body detoxification.  A common physical body detoxification symptom is flu-like detoxification process. These may be similar to those experienced on a cleansing diet or fast. Rashes can even develop for a few days during the detoxification process. Some people experience an extreme increase of energy, to the point where they are unable to sleep for a night or two. This is usually followed by a 2-3 day period of decreased energy. If detox symptoms are experienced, things will settle down and return to normal within a week or two.

Q: If detoxification symptoms are experienced, what can I do to help with the process?

  • Get plenty of rest
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Specifically water
  • Dissolve a ¼ teaspoon of Himalayan salt in a glass of water. Drink once a day
  • Take Epson salt baths or sea salt baths. It’s best to rotate them every-other-time

Q: Do I need to do anything after my session?

The healing process can integrate for a few weeks to a few months, so once completed, it is advised to take it easy and rest if you need to, drink plenty of water as there may be a detox going on, take the Purificato and Crystalis as directed, do grounding activities like walking in nature, yoga, or anything that connects you with the earth.

Q: What can I expect during the session?

The session requires you to stand or sit, which I will guide you through. It’s typically a very relaxing feeling during the session. Everyone experiences things differently during the session. After the session is complete we talk about everything you’ve experienced and I help answer questions and offer guidance if needed.

The Life Activation is performed on the etheric field, with the only physical contact being the practitioner’s hand on your shoulder for connection.
Different people report various sensations like sleepiness, heat, tingles, cold, visions, and strong feelings in or above the head area. Other people feel nothing. Some people are more receptive than others and the meaning of their sensations can vary with each individual.
You will most likely feel some changes in the few days following your session, and the healing can take up to 6-9 months to reach their peak effect.

Q: Is the DNA reading scary? Should I be fearful of what messages come through for me?

This reading is not scary at all and you should not be fearful of any messages that come through for you. The DNA Reading provides you with guidance in a way that is empowering, positive, constructive, uplifting and it is also known to bring a great deal of clarity.

Q: Can you do the Life Activation long distance?

Unfortunately not. The Life Activation must be performed in person.

Q: Can I come for more than 1 Life Activation session?

Yes. It helps you hold energy better so that you don’t feel stressed and overwhelmed. It helps you to keep growing and evolving. It gives you a ‘jump start’ to make choices that are more aligned with who you are.  It’s good to keep those codons filled with light so that you are able to do this. You will know intuitively when you need to receive another session.

Q: Can my pets get the Life Activation and how can it benefit them?

YES! Any animal can receive the Life Activation.

Because animals are incredibly sensitive to psychic/energy work, they often require shorter, as well as fewer sessions to heal. They are especially responsive to the wonderful healing frequency and power of Unconditional Love, and sometimes Unconditional Love poured through every cell of their bodies is sufficient to provide a deep rest and thorough healing.